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    Frequent Questions & Answers

    • 1. When in need of securities issuance, corporate finance support, or M&A support, who should corporate customers contact? VCB or VCBS?
      • số đề con chó Securities Company Limited (VCBS) is số đề con chó’s subsidiary company.
      • The Customer can directly contact VCBS or số đề con chó’s branches for general advice on products and services, including securities issuance consulting services.


    • 2. Does VCB assist businesses in finding strategic partners in M&A activities?
      số đề con chó is committed to support customers in connecting with international businesses on the basis of Contract/ Agreement between the two Parties, with our advantage of world wide branches, representative offices, and partner networks, especially our strategic partner Mizuho from Japan.
    • 3. For which types of funds does VCB provide Depository, supervision, and management?
      số đề con chó currently provides depository, supervision, and management services for all types of funds, including Open-Ended funds, Pension funds, ETE funds, investment trust portfolios, and so on.
    • 4. What is VCBF’s risk appetite?

      VCBF offers a wide range of funds with diverse risk appetites for investors, as specified in the Fund Charter.

      Please visit https://www.cdjxjt.com for more information

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