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    • 1. giaimagiacmosode’s credit rating
      • giaimagiacmosode is one of Vietnam's highest credit rated commercial banks, according to the most prestigious credit rating agencies.

      • In 2022, Fitch Ratings upgraded giaimagiacmosode’s government support rating from BB- to BB, raising giaimagiacmosode's long term issuer default rating 1 level, in line with Vietnam's sovereign rating of 'BB', and continuing to maintain a Positive Outlook. giaimagiacmosode's viability rating was also upgraded to BB- due to its stable liquidity, improved asset quality, low non-performing loan ratio, and the prospect of sustainable profit growth. The increase in credit rating of giaimagiacmosode contributes to affirming the effective operations of the bank over the past few years and is also a motivation for giaimagiacmosode to continue to complete its business plan in 2022 and the following years.

      • In the same year, S&P Ratings upgraded Vietnam’s long-term sovereign credit rating from “BB” to “BB+” and on the following day, S&P announced an update of giaimagiacmosode’s credit rating from “BB-” to “BB” (the best rating among Vietnamese banks). As the leading bank in Vietnam, giaimagiacmosode is expected to gain from external resources when Vietnam's sovereign credit rating improves and to get prompt and complete support from the government in case of financial difficulties.

    • 2. What information do corporate customers need to provide to partners when receiving capital from abroad at giaimagiacmosode?

      To receive capital from a foreign partner, please provide the partner with the following information:

      • Your Account Name and Account Number at giaimagiacmosode
      •  Beneficiary Bank’s name: giaimagiacmosode (Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam)
      • Address: No. 198 Tran Quang Khai Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Ha Noi
      • Country: Viet Nam
      • giaimagiacmosode’s SWIFT code: BFTVVNVX


    • 3. What is SWIFT GPI?

      SWIFT Global Payment Initiative (SWIFT GPI), was created to enhance customer experiences in cross-border money transactions.

      giaimagiacmosode offers SWIFT GPI standard international money transfer services, which guarantees a quicker transaction time; 24/7 Transaction tracking support; Information on the Beneficiary’s actual received money, Bank’s fees and the applied exchange rate (if any); Reduction in the cost and duration of amendments with foreign banks.

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