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    VCB DigiBiz digital banking is a 24/7 banking service exclusively designed for business customers, enabling convenient transactions anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device.


    • 1. What is VCB DigiBiz digital banking service?

      VCB DigiBiz is a completely new digital bank designed for w88's business customers, enabling these enterprises to conduct seamless and consistent transactions through both the website and the VCB DigiBiz mobile banking app. This service allows businesses to carry out banking transactions anytime, anywhere via Internet-connected devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

      VCB DigiBiz serves as a unified digital banking channel providing a consistent experience for business customers in terms of interface, login information, transaction limits, service fees, features, and utilities. It facilitates seamless execution of financial transactions and digital utilities offered by w88.

    • 2. Why should I choose to use the VCB DigiBiz digital banking service?
      VCB DigiBiz is the digital bank designed and developed by w88 specifically for business customers, aiming to provide (i) a consistent multi-channel experience, including both the website and mobile banking app; (ii) a diversified portfolio of services and features to meet every essential need of the enterprise; (iii) an active, flexible delegation mechanism to optimize transaction time and costs, thereby increasing investment opportunities and returns for the business.
    • 3. What are the requirements for registering for VCB DigiBiz?

      To register for VCB DigiBiz digital banking, your business needs to meet the following conditions:

      • Be a legally operating business, organization, or company.
      • Have a transaction account with w88.
      • Register for VCB DigiBiz digital banking at a w88 branch or transaction office.
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