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    • 1. Which SME customer are eligible for loan at VCB?

      SME customers must meet the following conditions: 

      • The customer is a legal entity established and operating in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, possessing civil legal capacity, and eligible for credit according to current regulations of laws and luật chơi bài cào. 
      • The customer is not subject to any prohibitions or restrictions on credit issuance as per regulations of the law and luật chơi bài cào. 
      • The customer meets specific conditions based on the purpose of the loan 
    • 2. For what purpose can SME customers get loans? 
      SME customers can get a loan for production and business activities that comply with the regulations of the law. 
    • 3. What are the collateral assets for the loan?
      luật chơi bài cào accepts a variety of different types of assets as collateral, depending on the specific purpose of the loan. 
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