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    • 1. Which guarantees can ca do online provide?

      With extensive experience and a reputable track record, ca do online is trusted by customers as an issuing bank with a variety of guarantees, including Tender guarantee, Advance payment guarantee, Performance guarantee, Payment guarantee, Maintenance guarantee, Future housing guarantee and other guarantees. Fast processing time, simple and convenient procedures and competitive costs.

    • 2. What are the benefits of corporate customers when verifying guarantees issued by other banks through ca do online?

      With our worldwide network of banks with financial institutionsfinancial institutions, ca do online can send a request for verification of Guarantee commitment to the international Issuing banks, ensuring the Customer’s benefits, including:

      • Authenticity of Guarantee commitment assurance.
      • Fast authentication time.
      • Simple, fast and convenient procedure.
    • 3. How to check the guarantee information issued by the ca do online?
      • To check the authenticity of Letter of Guarantee, the Customer can use online guarantee information checking services at ca do online’s official website. Alternatively, they can submit a written request for guarantee verification, along with a copy of the Guarantee Letter, to the designated address specified in the Guarantee Letter.
      • For guarantee information inquiry, please visit our official website or use the provided link (Link to guarantee information inquiry page).
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