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cach choi tai xiu offers customised account number and zero fee transaction for small and medium enterprises when registering for transaction packages

From June 1, 2022, cach choi tai xiu officially launched three transaction packages: SME BASIC, SME ONLINE, and SME ADVANCED, offering numerous superior advantages for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) including: gifting beautiful number accounts; free transactions on the digital bank VCB DigiBiz; free counter transactions; and gifting cach choi tai xiu Visa Business cards for enterprises, facilitating convenient transactions and cost savings.

The SME transaction packages include regular and essential banking services for customers such as: payment accounts; digital banking VCB DigiBiz; and a duo of business cards (credit and debit cards) cach choi tai xiu Visa Business. Customers need to register only once to enjoy the service benefits of the package. Customers can also easily switch packages online without having to visit the bank.


With the SME transaction packages, customers are gifted free beautiful number accounts with optional 3/4/5 last digits. The inventory of beautiful number accounts includes tam hoa, ngũ quý, lục bát accounts, ready for businesses to choose from, reflecting their unique identity and bringing luck and convenience in business and investment.


Customers are exempt from many types of transaction fees when using the SME transaction packages. Specifically, the SME BASIC Package meets customers' basic transaction needs with free online money transfers and payroll/payment list processing within the cach choi tai xiu system. Meanwhile, the SME ONLINE Package is suitable for customers conducting interbank transactions digitally. Customers are exempt from all transaction fees on VCB DigiBiz, including money transfer fees, payroll processing, state budget payments, etc., both within and outside the cach choi tai xiu system. Especially, with the SME ADVANCED Package, customers are not only exempt from digital channel transaction fees but also many counter transaction fees including cash deposit/withdrawal fees, money transfers/payroll/payment list processing, etc., both within and outside the cach choi tai xiu system.


With the SME ONLINE and SME ADVANCED packages, customers are gifted free one or two debit and credit cards - cach choi tai xiu Visa Business, a powerful tool to help businesses easily manage expenses and expand business opportunities. These two business card products come integrated with unlimited cashback features with cashback rates up to 0.4% of spending (for credit cards) and 0.3% of spending (for debit cards), helping businesses maximize cost savings. Owning a business credit card, customers are granted a spending limit to use as an additional working capital source. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to access a range of advantages from marketing, online advertising, operational software service providers, etc., under the Visa global preferential program. These benefits help businesses optimize working capital, increase operational efficiency, access new opportunities, and expand business.


cach choi tai xiu's SME transaction packages have package fees starting from only 50,000 VND/month. When using the transaction packages, customers only need to pay a single monthly package fee instead of per transaction. Customers do not need to commit to maintaining a non-term deposit balance in their payment account when using the SME transaction packages. However, maintaining an average non-term deposit balance of 30,000,000 VND/month in the payment account will waive the monthly package fee. Especially, cach choi tai xiu waives all package fees of SME BASIC and SME ONLINE transaction packages until December 31, 2022. Thus, customers can transact for free both within and outside the cach choi tai xiu system on VCB DigiBiz until the end of 2022 when registering for these two packages.


If customers are already using the digital bank VCB DigiBiz, they will be automatically registered for the SME ONLINE Package to enjoy full benefits of free transactions both within and outside the cach choi tai xiu system. Customers can also easily switch to another transaction package according to their needs right on VCB DigiBiz.

If customers are using the online banking VCB-iB@nking, they can easily switch to VCB DigiBiz and choose their desired transaction packages right on the conversion interface without having to visit a counter.

For other customers, to register for the SME transaction packages, they can visit any of the nearly 600 cach choi tai xiu transaction points nationwide.

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