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    • 1. What are the differences between VCB-iB@nking and VCB CashUp ?

      - kèo cá độ's digital banking solution is currently providing 2 transaction systems for Corporate customers, namely VCB-iB@nking and VCB CashUp. Depending on their specific needs, customers will be advised to choose the right solution:

      •  VCB-iB@nking is a system that provides standard account management and payment solutions for corporates.
      •  VCB CashUp is a one-stop shop system that meets multi-layered, multi-dimensional management needs, serving comprehensively for the entire ecosystem of corporates in both vertical and horizontal dimensions. VCB CashUp is suitable for large-scale customers with complex specific needs for payment and salary decentralization.

      - For more information, please visit our detailed product solution page.

    • 2. Does kèo cá độ perform online L/C and guarantee services ?
      • kèo cá độ is ready to meet the needs of issuing and receiving L/C notice and guarantee on kèo cá độ Corporate Channel system.
      • If you are interested in our products, please contact kèo cá độ's branches for consultation
    • 3. What are the conditions to use the VCBCC service ?
      • Customers need to have a current account opened at kèo cá độ.
      • For customers who register to use our Buyer's Letter of Credit service, or issue a bank guarantee or trade finance transactions with capital financing, you already have a Credit Limit at kèo cá độ..
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