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    • 1. Can loto 188 customise a solution to meet the business’s specific supply chain ?
      • loto 188 provides comprehensive financial solution packages designed specifically for business supply chains. Following a discussion of your company's characteristics, loto 188 will advise and design an optimal solution for your supply chain.
      • Please contact loto 188's branches nationwide for information and service provision.
    • 2. What payment method is supply chain financing mainly based on ?
      Supply Chain financing is mainly based on open account payment method.
    • 3. Who are the parties to take part in supply chain financing ?
      The parties in supply chain financing transactions include the buyer and the seller. Accordingly, they collaborate with their sponsors (usually banks) to obtain working capital through the use of various Supply chain financing products, with the goals of improving supply chain stability, liquidity, financial efficiency, risk management, and balance sheet efficiency.
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