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online live casino - Receive an immediate cash gift of 1 million dong when linking your online live casino account with the VNPAY wallet

Quickly link your online live casino account to VNPAY wallet and get a promotional gift up to 1 million dong with great benefits

Accordingly, from January 16, 2024, to April 15, 2024, all fellow customers who successfully register a VNPAY Wallet account and link it with their online live casino account, while also generating payment transactions on the VNPAY wallet application, will immediately receive a huge combo gift worth up to 1 million VND, including many service categories.

1. Group 01: All individual customers who successfully register a VNPAY wallet account during the program period.


  • Receive a promotional code combo worth 950,000 VND after successfully registering for the VNPAY electronic wallet and being assigned a wallet number by VNPAY during the program period;
  • Receive an additional 50,000 VND in phone top-up code after making one payment transaction using wallet funds (excluding Deposit/Withdrawal/Transfer).

2. Group 02: All individual customers who had successfully registered a VNPAY wallet account before January 16, 2024, and complete identification, link a bank account during the program period


  • Receive a promotional code combo worth 950,000 VND after completing both steps of Identity Verification (successfully approved/post-checked) and linking a domestic bank account/card to the VNPAY wallet during the promotion’s duration of offer;
  • Receive an additional phone top-up code worth 50,000 VND after making one payment transaction (excluding Deposit/Withdrawal/Transfer).

The gift combo with a promotional value of up to 950,000 dong that VNPAY offers to customers will include many service categories such as VNPAY Taxi, shopping at VNShop, VNPAY-QR payments, booking train/bus/air tickets, hotel rooms, movie tickets, etc. This promises to help users both enjoy entertainment and experience shopping and modern, cost-effective payment solutions.

4 steps to get your VNPAY wallet:

  • Step 1: Download the VNPAY wallet on the App Store or Google Play
  • Step 2: Register to use the VNPAY wallet
  • Step 3: Perform identity verification
  • Step 4: Link your bank account.

Customers are excited to link their online live casino accounts with the VNPAY wallet and experience all of the app’s smart features.

Please note:

  • This offer does not apply to customers who cancel the service and register for a second time during the program.
  • For the phone top-up code gift, at the time of awarding, the customer's VNPAY electronic wallet account must be in an Active status (the customer must have completed all steps of Identity Verification and Bank Linking).
  • The number of promotional codes is limited. The program may end earlier than the scheduled time when the promotional budget is exhausted without prior notice.
  • Promotional codes are only applicable to the first customers who use the promotional codes.

For any queries about the promotional program, customers can contact the VNPAY electronic wallet customer care center at 1900 5555 77 (8 am - 10 pm from Monday to Sunday) or email for assistance.

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