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bóng đá số tỷ lệ - Automatic Payment - A new enhancement for the VNPAY Taxi feature on VCB Digibank

Automatic Payment for VNPAY Taxi on VCB Digibank are more convenient and comfortable

Taking a taxi is now incredibly convenient, as the 'automatic payment' feature for VNPAY Taxi is ready when you call! Register once and enjoy hassle-free journeys without worrying about forgetting to pay beforehand or afterward.

Instructions for registering for 'automatic payment' with VNPAY Taxi:

1. Access VCB Digibank, select the VNPAY Taxi feature, and proceed to request a ride.
2. Under Payment Method, choose 'Automatic Payment.'
3. Select the account you wish to link from the list of accounts.
4. Proceed to link the automatic payment account.
5. Enter the OTP code to verify the linkage and complete the process.

Experience the entirely new payment method of VNPAY Taxi on VCB Digibank for a convenient ride.

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