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game bong ban - VCB Digibank has launched a new version (Version 5.6.3)

VCB Digibank has launched Version 5.6.3 with numerous new improvements.

In order to meet customers' transaction needs, game bong ban has released/improved a number of features and services in the latest version of VCB Digibank (version 5.6.3) as follows:


Feature groupsService Description 
 Apply to print a debit card

Customers who are using non-physical international debit cards  (digital cards) can apply to print cards for transaction purposes. The card printing registration operation is as follows:

Log in to VCB Digibank >> In the "Card service" section, select "Other card service" >> Enter the information as instructed on the >> screen to confirm and complete the transaction.


  • Customers can track the progress of their request processing in the section "Tracking the card issuance journey" under "Card service".
  • During the time the physical card is shipped to the Customer, the non-physical card will be temporarily locked and cannot be spent.


Look up your card's refund history


Primary cardholders of game bong ban who have registered VCB Digibank service can look up the following information:

  • Look up refund information for card products with cashback feature by each refund period;
  • Look up details of transactions that are eligible for refund consideration during the period.

Instructions for looking up refund history

Step 1: Log in to VCB Digibank

Step 2: In the "Cards" section, >> Select "List of accounts and cards" >> Select "Look up refund history"

Step 3: Customers choose the refund period to look up

 Look up VCB Rewards redemption status information The feature allows customers to look up order status information VCB Rewards Redemption applies to UrBox Gifts, VNSHOP Shopping.
 Adjusting and adding the Deposit feature for children 

For customers who are using Child Deposit products on VCB Digibank, at the due date, customers can:

  • Deposit additional funds into the account.
  • Withdraw funds from the account.
  • Change original submission information periodically automatically

 Change the transaction limit E-wallet deposit The feature allows customers to set the maximum deposit limit from the account to the e-wallet per transaction orper day on demand. 


Please quickly update the latest version of VCB Digibank application to experience the new features:

  • Update VCB Digibank on iOS here.
  • Update VCB Digibank on Android here.

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