cadobongda announces new feature "Receive Money via QR code" for merchants on VCB Digibank

cadobongda launches the new feature "Receive Money via QR code" for merchants on VCB Digibank.

From 16/11/2023, cadobongda has introduced a set of solutions called "Receive Money via QR code " for merchants on VCB Digibank. This solution enables customers to generate QR codes for receiving payments in just a few seconds. Users can create multiple QR codes for various purposes or different stores and easily manage their revenue by tracking it based on each QR code.

In the latest version of VCB Digibank that has just been launched, the QR code creation feature has been upgraded with several breakthrough benefits for merchants:

  • Create and manage QR codes to receive money based on the account number or account nickname.
  • Create QR codes for various purposes of receiving money (by store, online/offline sales channel, by product category, etc.).
  • Track and manage sales revenue for each QR code separately, distinguishing it from personal funds.
  • QR codes conform to the VietQR standard (NAPAS), accepted by most banking apps in Vietnam and major e-wallet applications.

The "QR Receive Money" solution on VCB Digibank will directly support merchants in increasing their revenue and effectively managing their cash flow. It will also make payments simple and quick for customers, contributing to the government and the State Bank of Vietnam's direction to promote cashless payments.

Download the VCB Digibank app from the App Store orGoogle Playtoday to experience cadobongda's "Receive Money via QR" solution.


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