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bai lieng online announces the launch of the promotional program to gift up to 5% first year insurance premium for corporate insurance

Promotion to gift up to 5% first year insurance premium for corporate customers

In understanding the concerns and needs of businesses, bai lieng online, in collaboration with life insurance partner FWD, brings a distinctive employee welfare-enhancing insurance solution through FWD insurance products.

Especially, from October 24th 2023, until January 30th 2024, Enterprises purchasing FWD insurance for their workforce will enjoy an attractive promotional program, including up to a 5% discount on the first-year insurance premium, as follows:

1. Duration of offer: 24/10/2023-30/01/2024

2. Applicable to:Enterprises customers purchasing FWD insurance are distributed through bai lieng online for their employees.

3. Applicable product:

  • FWD Embracing changes 3.0
  • FWD Embracing changes for corporate 3.0
  • FWD Elevating Success 2.0
  • FWD Assured Wealth

4. Promotion details:

Gift:Money allocated to the customer's additional investment account corresponding to the IP issuance level of the contract. The specific gift levels are as follows:

Condition 1: The number of insurance contracts

Condition 2:

The total IP (Insurance Premium)  
 Minimum 3 contracts Level 1: From 50 millionVND to under 100 million VND Level 1:1.0%* IP  
Level 2: From 100 millionVNDtounder500 millionVNDLevel 2: 2.5% * IP  
Level3: From500 million VND to under 1 billion VNDLevel 3: 3.5% * IP 
Level 4: From 1 billion VND Level 4: 5.0% * IP

IP: includes the IP issuance of regular premium payment insurance contracts and/or the IP issuance of single premium payment insurance contracts.

• IP issuance (for regular premium payment insurance contracts): The actual first-year premium collected when the contract is issued (including the basic insurance premium, supplementary product premiums (if applicable), and excluding additional premium payments) for all insurance contracts.

• IP issuance (for single premium payment insurance contracts) shall be determined at 10% (ten percent) of the actual premium for the single premium payment insurance contract. The actual premium for single premium payment insurance contracts includes the premium for the main product and does not include additional premium payments for all insurance contracts.

Visit bai lieng online's transaction points today for detailed consultation about the program.

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