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Replenish investment capital
Replenish investment capital to upgrade tourist accommodation facilities
Preferential and competitive interest rates
Preferential and competitive interest rates, loan amount up to 60% loan options
Flexible repayment
Flexible loan term and repayment method to suit with business's income

Product information

Process & Payment date
Fees & Forms

Applicant eligibility

  • Vietnamese citizens aged from 18 to 65 years old
  • Have a need for long-term financing to upgrade tourism accommodations
  • Have collateral assets such as real estate, vehicles, valuable papers.
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    Maximum loan amount

    60% of the loan plan
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    Maximun loan term

    Loan application form

    app cá cược's forms
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    Proof of identity

  • ID Card/Passport
  • Marriage Certificate/Single Certificate
  • Birth certificate/Certificate of family relationship issued by the local police of the ward/commune or higher, regarding the relationship between the borrower and the collateral provider
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    Proof of loan purpose

    Documents related to the renovation of the tourist accommodation
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    Proof of debt repayment source

    Documents proving the business activities of the customer and/or a private enterprise owned by the customer in according to app cá cược's regulations
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    Collateral documents

    Proof of asset ownership from customers and/or third parties according to app cá cược's regulations
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    Loan application process

    Step 1: Receive consultation on loan conditions and required documents.

    Step 2: Prepare and submit the application as instructed.

    Step 3: app cá cược conducts uation and notifies the approval result.

    Step 4: Customers and app cá cược sign the loan contract.

    Step 5: Receive loan disbursement

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    Repayment date

  • Principal payment: in line with the customer's cash flow for repayment, with a maximum of 06 months/installment for principal repayment
  • Interest payment: monthly based on amortized outstanding loan balance
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    Early repayment fees

    Loan estimate

    amount you want to borrow
    Interest rate
    Number of loan months
    Disbursement date

    Amount to be paid

    Loan method
    Monthly payment amount
    0 VND
    Total principal payable
    0 VND
    Total interest payable
    0 VND

    Total amount to pay
    0 VND

    Note: Calculation results are for reference only

    Other loan products


    • 1. Can I use my parents' or relatives' land for investing in tourism accommodation upgrade projects?
      The property used for tourism accommodation upgrade projects must be owned by the borrower.
    • 2. I am planning to construct a new accommodation facility and want to know the maximum loan amount app cá cược offers.
      app cá cược offers a loan amount of up to 60% of the total investment in tourism accommodation upgrade projects, provided the borrower has sufficient collateral for the loan.

    • 3. If I am 60 years old at the time of applying for the loan, what is the maximum loan term I can get?
      Customers can obtain a loan for tourism accommodation upgrade loan at app cá cược for a maximum term of 6 years, but not beyond the age of 70 at the end of the loan term. Therefore, the maximum loan term for this case is 6 years.

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