High loan limit, attractive rates
Flexible loan value with competitive interest rates
Flexible loan term
Loan term based on actual income, flexible repayment methods, diverse collateral options
Simple and quick procedures
Simple procedures, quick approval time and a dedicated consulting team ready to support 24/7

Product information

Process & Payment date
Fees & Forms

Applicant eligibility

  • Vietnamese citizen, age: 18-60 years old
  •  Need a loan used for personal car purchase
  • Have collateral assets including: real estate, new or used cars
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Maximum loan amount

70% of the car value if using the purchased car as collateral, and 100% of the car value if using other secured assets as collateral
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Maximum loan term

Loan application

Proof of identity

  • ID/Passport
  • Information about customer's residence
  • Marriage registration certificate/Confirmation of marital status
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    Proof of loan purpose

    Car purchase contract/Deposit contract/VAT invoice...
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    Proof of debt repayment source

    Labor contract, salary statement, bank account statement...
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    Collateral documents

    Certificate of asset ownership
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    Loan application process

    Step 1: Receive consultation on loan conditions and required documents.

    Step 2: Prepare and submit the application as instructed.

    Step 3: kubet conducts uation and notifies the approval result.

    Step 4: Customers and kubet sign the loan contract.

    Step 5: Receive loan disbursement

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    Repayment date

  • Principal payment: on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Interest payment: monthly based on amortized outstanding loan balance
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    Early repayment fees

    Loan estimate

    amount you want to borrow
    Interest rate
    Number of loan months
    Disbursement date

    Amount to be paid

    Loan method
    Monthly payment amount
    0 VND
    Total principal payable
    0 VND
    Total interest payable
    0 VND

    Total amount to pay
    0 VND

    Note: Calculation results are for reference only

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    • 1. What is the loan term for a car purchase loan at VCB?
      Customers can obtain a car purchase loan with a maximum term of 96 months (8 years).
    • 2. What is the maximum absolute loan amount for a car purchase loan
      Customers can borrow up to 70% of the car's value if using the purchased car as collateral, and up to 100% of the car's value if you have other eligible assets as others collateral.
    • 3. What are the available repayment options for the loan?
      You can choose to repay the principal either on a monthly or quarterly basis, with interest payments based on the reducing balance.
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