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Online transation
Deposit and withdraw online on VCB Digibank
Safe & secured
Ensure safe, accurate, and absolutely secure services with modern authentication methods
Flexible accumulation
Deposit principal by terms or by installments on VCB Digibank,  according to personal finance

Product information



Minimum deposit

  • Initial amount: Minimum 10 million VND
  • Recurring principal: Minimum 1 million VND
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Principal deposit method

  • Auto deposit principal by terms
  • Deposit principal maxim once per month
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Interest rate

  • Fixed during the period
  • Early withdrawal interest rate in VND: demand deposit interest rate applied
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Payment period

At the end of the term
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Vietnamese citizens with valid identification documents
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Interest rates reference

Attractive interest rates, regularly updated, see HERE
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Term deposit agreement on VCB Digibank

Please view details HERE
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Calculate savings interest
  • Saving at counter
  • Online Deposit
  • Fixed Deposit
Amount of savings money
Deposit terms
1 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 24 months 36 months
Expected profit
Amount of profit
Total amount

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