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Optimal benefits
Enjoy the unchanged interest rate on the remaining balance and the demand deposit interest rate on the early withdrawn amount.
Flexible principal withdrawal
Partial withdrawal without paying the full settlement
Convenient transactions
Deposit and withdraw easily via VCB Digibank or any transaction points

Detailed information



  • This is a deposit account designed to cater to customers' needs for partial early withdrawals without having to wait until the maturity date. Customers are not required to fully close the entire deposited amount.
  • The remaining principal: retains the originally determined interest rate at the time of account opening.
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Minimum balance

  • Minimum opening: 3 million VND
  • Minimum withdrawal of principal each time: 1 million VND
  • Minimum deposit: 1 million VND
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From 01 to 24 months
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Interest rate

  • Before-term withdrawal amount: interest rate is equal to bảng xếp hạng c1's VND early withdrawal rate cap
  • Remaining amount: interest rate applied to the account
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Payment period

At transaction points

Individuals with valid identification documents
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VCB DigiBank

Vietnamese citizens with valid ID documents and using VCB Digibank
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Savings deposit transaction procedures

Agreement on term deposits

Calculate savings interest
  • Saving at counter
  • Online Deposit
  • Fixed Deposit
amount of savings money
deposit terms
1 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 24 months 36 months
Expected profit
Amount of profit
Total amount

Interest updated at

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