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Name your children as the account's owner
Be able to name your account after your children
Safe security
Ensure safe, secured and accurate service with modern authentication methods
Goals setting assistance
Deposit monthly to gain the targeted goal within a specific time

Product information



Vietnamese individual customers who have valid identification documents and are using VCB Digibank
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Minimum deposit

Placement methods

Deposit principal monthly
Deposit principal periodically = Deposit principal initially = Targeted amount/Saving time
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Interest rate

  • Fixed during the term
  • Early withdrawal: the lowest demand deposit interest rate applied
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Interest payment method

Interest receiving method

Add-on interest or transfer to payment account
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Reference interests

Attractive interest rates, regularly updated, see more HERE
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Calculate savings interest
  • Saving at counter
  • Online Deposit
  • Fixed Deposit
Amount of savings money
Deposit terms
1 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 24 months 36 months
Expected profit
Amount of profit
Total amount

Interest updated at

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