quy luật baccarat

Risks protection
Protect customers against huge risks: 
permanent injuries or death
One time fee payment
Pay insurance fee only once when joining with reasonable price
Cash surrender value
Receive cash-back value when finishing loan payment and requesting premature end to contract




  • Age: From 18 to 70 years old
  • Maximum age when contract ends: 75 years old
  • Is a personal customer with debt(s) at quy luật baccarat and an insurer
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Contract duration

From 16 months to 60 months
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Face amount when signing up

Minimum at 10 million VND; Maximum at 500 million VND
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Protection coverage

Total and permanent disability or death


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Insurance benefits

The sum insured at the Month of the occurrence of the insured event (Total and permanent disability or death).
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time 1

  • Customers will receive the surrender value in case they settle the loan before its term and request the termination of the insurance contract before the term.
  • The surrender value will be determined specifically at the month when the customer settles the loan before its term based on the Sum Insured amount in the Insurance Certificate or the most recent Adjustment Confirmation Letter (if any).
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Terms and Conditions

Other insurances

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