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Leading protection
Active overall protection: health, beauty and motherhood of modern women
Online sign up
Online procedure, 
no medical check-up required
Active planning
Design your own plan for each phase in your life, provided up to 120% insurance money 




  • Eligible age for participation: 18 years to 50 years
  • Maximum age at the end of the contract term: 65 years
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  • Insurance term: 1 year with automatic annual renewal
  • Premium payment term: Equal to the insurance term
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Premium payment policy

  • Annual premium
  • The insurance premium varies based on the actual age, the existing benefit group in effect, and any selected additional benefit groups (if applicable).
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Basic benefits

  • Comprehensive Protection and Care
  • Physical Health: Common late-stage cancer in women
  • Mental Health: Depression treatment
  • Beauty and Confidence: Reconstructive surgery and skin grafting
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Advanced benefits I

Enhanced options for protecting women against common illnesses:

  • Cervical fibroid surgery
  • Ovarian cyst surgery

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Advanced benefits II

Enhanced options to provide women with greater peace of mind during their motherhood journey: Common pregnancy complications
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Terms and Conditions

Guide on purchasing insurance on VCB Digibank

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