kèo góc nhà cái

Cover up to 200% sum assured
for the most unexpected and damaging events in life: Total and permanent disability or Death due to Accident
Increase fund value
with Loyalty bonus and Special protection bonus.
Maximise flexibility
when proactively choosing and adjusting plans completely online.

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Product inspiration
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Product inspiration

Your current achievements are valuable assets created from challenging days and relentless efforts. Form is temporary, class is a choice. How to build on your success at the present and pass it on to future generations in order to create a solid foundation for you and your family?
kèo góc nhà cái - FWD Assured wealth - An insurance plan combining protection and investment for you to put aside money one time and enjoy a lifelong companion to protect your position of success thanks to strong financial protection and at the same time, cultivate inheritance for future generation via long term & flexible financial investment.
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From 30 days old to 70 years old
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Minimum target premium

Payment mode

Single pay at the time of participating
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Policy term

Protection benefits

  • Total and Permanent disability (TPD) or Death
  • Total and Permanent disability (TPD) or Death caused by an accident



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Investment benefits

  • Enjoy investment advantages from FWD Investment-linked fund
  • Regular loyalty bonus
  • Protection bonus
  • Maturity benefit

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Add-on riders

FWD Assured Wealth has no add-on rider.
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