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Maximum support
Support 200% insurance money for Total and Permanent Injuries cases
Secure protection
Protection against later stages of cancer  
until 80 years old
Safe investment
 Earn investment interest safely and steady, with guaranteed interest rates




From 30 days old to 69 years old 
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Until the insured individual reaches 80 years old 
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Premium paying period

  • Compulsory premium payments for the first 3 contract years.
  • Flexible premium payments starting from the 4th contract year.
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Insurance benefits

  • Cancer in later stages
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Income support in case of total and permanent disability
  • Death
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Investment benefits

  • Earning investment returns from the Common Fund
  • Regular contract maintenance bonus 
  • Special contract maintenance bonus 
  • End of contract term


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Additional benefits

  • Health benefits
  • Ensuring contract validity
  • Increasing insurance coverage without health assessment 
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Terms and Conditions

Additional insurances

Enhance supplementary products to optimize protection for yourself and your loved ones:

  • FWD Care Health insurance 2.0
  • FWD Care Hospitalisation support insurance 
  • FWD Care Accident insurance 
  • FWD Care Critical illness insurance 2.0
  • FWD Care Critical illness waiver of premium 2.0
  • FWD Care Enhanced waiver of premium 2.0
  • FWD Care Death and Disability insurance 

Products brochures for additional insurance product view here. 

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Other insurances

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