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Leading protection
We cover Late-staged cancer, Total & permanent disability, and Los of life up to 80 years old. In particular, increasing protection for accidental injuries.
Safe investment
Increase your finance with loyalty bonuses and your Policy account will earn interest according to our FWD Universal Life Fund and this will not be lower than our guaranteed interest rates
Easy online registration
Easy-to-understand and online purchasing process with just 3 simple health questions

Solution information

Add-on riders


  • Entry age: from 18 years old to 50 years old
  • Maximum age to terminate policy term: 80 years old

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Policy term

  • Policy term: Up to 80 years old
  • Payment mode: Annual Payment

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Premium term

  • Must pay for the first 3 years
  • Flexible pay available from Year 4
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Protection benefits

  • Late-stage cancer
  • Total and Permanent disability (TPD) or Death
  • Total and Permanent disability (TPD) income support

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Investment benefit

  • Crediting interest rate earned from Universal Life Fund
  • Regular loyalty bonus
  • Special loyalty bonus
  • Policy maturity benefit

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Additional benefits

  • Well-being benefit
  • Non-laspe guarantee
  • Automatically increased Sum Assured without Health underwriting

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Flexible benefit

FWD Care Critical Ilness insurance 2.0

  • Critical Illnesses from early stage
  • Critical Illness
  • Enhanced cover for late-staged diagnosis of common cancers

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FWD Care Accident insurance

  • Basic benefit: protection against accidental injuries and loss of life
  • Additional benefit: Double protection for your loved ones

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